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Josh Siegl

Programming | Entrepreneurship | Life

Hello, my name is Josh Siegl, I've been programming since I was fourteen years old and I absolutely love what I do.

I'm from right outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I'm always looking for new opportunities.

I'm interested in Web Development, Game Programming, App Development, API's, and Startups.

Currently I'm working on building my App Development Business: SodaPop Games, which you can read more about on my blog.

On building a business

I decided to start a business roughly two years into my college experience, within a month I decided to stop attending school and to focus on it full time. Here's how I did it.

How I got here

I feel like I've always been programming, I picked up programming at around the age of fourteen because I wanted to make video games. As it turned out I liked to program more than I liked to play video games so it consumed most of my time. This is how I got really good. Wh


I love new opportunities! Get in contact with me.

Holmes PA, US